I missed my VCAT hearing

What is a review hearing?

If you missed your VCAT hearing, you can apply for a rehearing, also known as a review hearing. This means VCAT may have a new hearing to decide if the order should be made.

There are circumstances when you can apply for a review hearing. You can apply if:

  • You did not attend the hearing and did not have someone else attend on your behalf, and
  • You have a reasonable excuse for not attending the hearing, and
  • You have a reasonable case to argue, and
  • You apply to VCAT for a review hearing within 14 days of becoming aware of the order. VCAT can extend this timeframe in certain circumstances.

Review application are not always guaranteed, there is a chance that VCAT might not grant a rehearing if it thinks your reasons are not strong enough.

Dear Landlord can help you draft an application for a review hearing and understand the legal terms to help you explain your reasons for missing the original hearing.