Behind in your rent?
You’re not alone.

Simply answer a few questions and Dear Landlord will help you take the right action.

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A guide to the eviction process

Evictions follow a legal process. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide if you are behind in rent to help you understand your rights and how Dear Landlord can help you.

How Dear Landlord works

Dear Landlord makes it easy for you to figure out your options if you’re behind in rent.

  • 1 Identify your situation Choose an option that best suits your situation. You can start by watching the eviction process video if you're unsure.
  • 2 Understand your options Dear Landlord will direct you to your options and where to get support.
  • 3 Take action Dear Landlord will help you take steps to act. This might include drafting a letter to your landlord.

Who can use Dear Landlord

  • You are renting a residential property in Victoria, Australia.
  • You rent from a private rental provider, not a public or community housing provider. You may rent directly from the rental provider or through a real estate agency.
  • You are behind in rent or might fall behind in rent.
  • You are an Australian citizen, permanent resident, temporary or any other type of visa holder.

If your legal problem is not related to falling behind on rent but you are at risk of eviction or experiencing other problems with housing, apply for legal help from Justice Connect.

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Home of Your Own – our other tool for renters

Justice Connect has also created Home of Your Own, a free online self-help tool designed for Victorian renters facing family violence. If you have been affected by family violence, use Home of Your Own to understand your rights, plan your steps and take action, so you can stay safely housed.

Who we’ve helped

“I wasn’t sure how to draft a letter. It helped me greatly to set out clearly what I needed and why.”

Amira, 2021
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