The Victorian Government’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Grant closed at 11:59pm on 16 January 2022. 
If you have any questions about an application you lodged, please email

Your situation

    I want to ask for a rent reduction

More Information

  • What is a rent reduction agreement?

    A rent reduction agreement is an agreement made between you and your rental provider to pay a reduced rent amount for a set period of time. The agreed rent reduction may be a written or verbal agreement.

    You can request a rent reduction from your rental provider at any time. Under the current rental laws, your rental provider does not have to accept your rent reduction request.

  • What if I have a rent deferral?

    A rent deferral is different to a rent reduction. A rent deferral means that you continue to pay the same amount of rent, but have agreed with your rental provider to delay the payment for a specified amount of time. For example, if normally you pay $1000 a month in rent, but agree to pay $2000 next month instead, that is a rent deferral.

Your options

Based on what you’ve told us, there are several options available. Choose an option to learn more about it.

Draft a letter asking for a rent reduction

If you are struggling to pay rent, Dear Landlord can help you draft a letter to your rental provider requesting a rent reduction. You might request a rent reduction if you have a temporary change in circumstances.

If you are behind in rent or experiencing ongoing financial hardship, you may need to consider other options below.

To create a rent reduction letter, answer a few questions about your situation and Dear Landlord will populate a letter based on your circumstances that you can email to your rental provider. All you need are your real estate, property manager or rental provider’s name and email address to get started.

Once the letter is drafted, you will have the opportunity to edit the letter before you send it.

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Draft a payment plan

If you are behind in rent you can use Dear Landlord to offer a payment plan to your rental provider to address the rent owing. Consider accessing financial support if you have fallen behind in rent.

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COVID-19 Rent Relief Grant

The Victorian Government’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Grant closed at 11:59pm on 16 January 2022.
If you have any questions about an application you lodged, please email for assistance.

Get financial support

If you're worried about missing an upcoming rent payment or struggling with your finances, speak to a financial counsellor sooner rather than later.

Financial counsellors are qualified professionals who provide free information, advice and advocacy if you are in financial difficulty or struggling with debts. Find a financial counsellor.

You may be eligible for a one-off payment towards your rent if you are in financial stress, through the Victorian Government’s Private Rental Assistance Program. Call your local homelessness and housing organisation to find out if you can access the program.

See the Dear Landlord FAQs for more financial help including financial support during COVID-19.